The platform designed for IoT and M2M projects providing device management,
API, Big Data analytics and marketplace.

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U{C}W Platform Overview

The Unity{Cloud}Ware represents a stack for the IoT developers providing device management, monitoring, remote administration, firmware upgrades, API, marketplace to sell smart applications and much more.

U{C}W Daemon

Represents a gateway for smaller devices with the limited communication capabilities such as sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity) that sends collected data to the gateway. The daemon store data temporally in a local cache and when possible send data to the U{C}W server running in the cloud or on customer hosted servers. The U{C}W daemon can be used for remote management and monitoring.

U{C}W Portal

Used for the project management of various IoT use cases. The project in the U{C}W is represented by set of the devices that can be organized into various groups (e.g. floor # 1, garden # 2 etc.). For these devices we can perform various operations such as remote management, monitoring, firmware upgrade (e.g. upgrade devices by latest firmware for all users or selected group of users who joined BETA testing program), data analyses, data visualisation and much more. The U{C}W marketplace allows to developers create add-ons that can be used for extensions of the portal functionality.


Allows to the developers to communicate with the devices over RESTful or MQTT interface. Supported operations are sending collected data (e.g. humidity sensor sends data every 5 mins), managing and monitoring of devices and much more.

Manage your devices

Enable, disable, deploy or interact with your devices, check status, manage configurations and firmware remotely. Extends its properties and manage security.

Collect data

Use API (RESTful, MQTT) to push and pull XML or JSON data, we support various kind of data such as temperature or complex sensor data, we store it in our storage or you can connect with Azure IoT Hub via a custom add-on adapter.

U{C}W Hive

Hive represents a product line based on the U{C}W platform that is primarly targeted for smart homes and industrial buildings. In general it's a IoT Hub allowing to control and manage IoT devices in a smart home or industrial building. The Hive supports extending of its functionality by installation of the applications from the U{C}W marketplace.

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U{C}W Marketplace

The goal of the marketplace is to create an ecosystem that helps to the developers sell their add-ons and smart applications for the U{C}W Portal, U{C}W Firmware and U{C}W Hive.

Not satisfied with your current thermostat? Find better one in marketplace for the U{C}W Hive! Are you abroad and would like to use your home thermostat with your all settings? No problem for the software defined thermostat!

Public Beta

In May 2017 we are going to open public BETA for the first phase of the U{C}W project. The BETA requires invitation that you can get by registration below. In August 2017 will be BETA open to all developers and the IoT marketplace will be open in September 2017.

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U{C}W Hive Features

Your home IoT Hub
The ability to monitor and control the home as a holistic platform of devices and appliances.

Smart Homes

IoT applications around the smart home include smart stores that tell you how to cook a meal, smart dishwasher that analyses the optimum load time, and smart lighting that can be controlled remotely. But while many of these applications are triggered by sensors and need data management, there is yet to be a single IoT gateway to the home.

sample phone with app screen on it
sample phone with app screen on it
Connected Homes

As internet connected homes become increasingly smarter, the gateway is becoming the centre for connecting different devices and home appliances to make the management of the ecosystem happen.

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